I merely reflect

March 1, 2011
I’m the mirror.
People look
They stare,
At me
-No, into me
To see.
To see-not me-
But themselves.
I merely reflect.
I reflect girls
Who primp and curl
Who look into me the
Longest of times
Desiring for some kind of change,
But what can I say?
I merely reflect.
Boys strut and stride,
They glance
They glide
All while looking at me.
They get the pose right
Well, at least they try-
You know the story.
I merely reflect.
I’m accused of being
The cruelest
The harshest,
Most “unforgiving” thing
To fill the minds
Of people
Who try
To “look good”.
But hey-
I merely reflect.
But you know what?
I can’t reflect
What you have
On the Inside.

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bookdevourer101 said...
May 8, 2011 at 5:42 pm
rate or comment please! Feel free to say whatever about my poems.
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