A Magical Christmas

March 1, 2011
It’s raining down
I want it to stop
It just keeps pouring
Until a temperature drop
The rain’s half frozen
I think it’s called sleet
It looks like snow
But melts on the street
It’s oddly pleasing
It baffles me
Will it change again?
I want to see!
Over time
It gets colder
Then I realize
There’s a flurry on my shoulder
It’s snowing! It’s snowing!
Could it be?
Before I wonder
I start to dance with glee
This is what I dreamed for
All winter long
A beautiful White Christmas
Just like the song
We danced and we played
In this fluffy blanket of snow
Until something hit me
What? I really don’t know
I looked to the sky
And couldn’t believe my eyes
The flakes of snow
Were nearly ten times in size!
I picked one up
Off the ground
It was really hard
And nowhere near round
Then it occurred to me
This was hail
Really just snow
On a larger scale
So the snow didn’t last
But we got it for a little while
I thought back to earlier today
And I started to smile

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