Times me by three

February 28, 2011
Drama. Drama. Drama.

I’m not dramatic at all.

This is just my venting.

Thats it.

Boys. Boys. Boys.


Not quite yet.

But they still have the power to affect my heart no matter what.

I know love exists, I know I’ve felt it with you.

But we yell, we acuse.

We forget how increadibly, madley in love we are.

Them. Them. Them.

They say they give us a month before were back together.

They see how much I love you.

They see how much you love me.

Because you do. And I do too.

Him. Him. Him.

He loves me too.

I love you more.

All three of us know that.

But, I still wonder and wonder and wonder.

Her? Her? Her?

I don’t know who she is.

Her name.

What she looks like.

But I know you have feelings for her.

But I’ll always be your number one, baby.

All four of us know that.

Love. Love. Love.

Is drama.

So, I used the words three times to enfisize just how much,

All this actually matters to me.

But who knows what will happen.

I don’t. I don’t. I don’t.

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