March 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Scarred by you…
My heart is broken with open wounds
You left without a word said, now I'm here slicing myself beside my own bed
Thinking of you and how much love I have for you
Like the titanic my heart sank
And now I look at these open cuts and all I can feel is blank
No feeling, just one thought...
Why did you leave me? Was it my fault?
I have no idea what I did to you
My mind is racing with so many thoughts flowing through
Trying to think and then I come to my senses
I did nothing to you, wow me thinking it was actually my fault
And now I feel so stupid because all I'm tryna' do now is blot
I'm blotting the blood that was never meant for you
Now all I keep on thinking is... What did I do?
Now I'm scarred for life and it's all because of you
You never deserved me and I never deserved you
My heart dominates yours
And my anger boils with steam
But it's okay because one day you'll see
One day you'll see how much you lost & what you'll never receive
And when that day comes I'll smile, feeling pleased
But as of right now I'm slicing myself and I bleed
And these scars are on my body because of all the pain you caused me
But its okay, one day you'll realize that you lost it all and I'll keep on living with these scars on my body
And when you grow old you'll die as a nobody
And forever eternity will be but I walked this earth scarred because for a moment you really had me fooled because honestly I thought...
I just thought we were meant to be
But until then I'm scarred by you
But baby I'm sorry that you're so screwed
You actually thought that you'd be able to get away
But look at you now...
I blame you guilty for all my pain
It was never a game, but you lost and I won
But for the rest of my days to come, I'll walk the face of this earth Scarred because of what you've done...

The author's comments:
This all happened in reality. Many people feel like they can't reach out but I would love for people to know that by this piece of work, it shows that they're not alone and that you CAN get out of what you're going through becasue I did. It's a CHOICE !

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