Ordered Rebel

March 12, 2011
By , Murrells Inlet, SC
I choose what time I wake up before school.
I chose the pair of jeans that I wore yesterday.
I choose my favorite sweatshirt,
the one with the ink stain on the left sleeve.
I take a shower for two extra minutes,
keeping all of the hot water for myself.
I brush my teeth and fix my hair,
then I eat and shake my wet hair in a towel.
Three minutes after the bell would ring,
I leave my house.
I purposely drop my homework in the street.
As my first class goes on,
I do my homework for the period after.
Come lunch,
I go with my friends to a fast food joint,
skipping the next period to get buzzed.
Last period in school,
I don't copy down my homework.
After school, I go to "gym make-ups".
I run half of the mile instead of the whole,
walking the rest of it,
still finishing within the ten minute limit.
I get back home and eat a leftover burger,
even though I have to 'avoid' meat,
on Fridays, during Lent.
A note says to do the dishes and laundry.
Only doing the dishes,
I'm yelled at for not doing my clothes.
I leave to go out at six o' clock,
an hour later than what my friends said.
We stay out until one in the morning,
I'm now grounded for worrying my mother.
I sit inside on a Saturday, doing school work.
I talk back to my mother,
earning a second weekend inside.
I finish a chapter in a book,
lay on my bed, and fall asleep.
The moment before my eyes close,
I think sarcastically,
that I did a real good job,
being a non-conformist.

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