February 27, 2011
By JulietHoliday10JD BRONZE, Summerville, California
JulietHoliday10JD BRONZE, Summerville, California
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Favorite Quote:
"There's always the dreams of tomorrow, the laughter of yesterday, and the hope of today"

it’s simple
many things are simple
like spending time with your family
or smiling everyday
because this is the life
and these simple things can make life worth it

go outside and create
find a tree
build a tree house
make a rope swing
make that tree yours and feel the breeze against your face
and breathe
let the drama of life slide out of your lungs

watch the stars
stick your head out of a window
dance in the rain
sing to the wind
roll around in the snow
jump in the leaves
sing off key
smell the roses

let your hair grow out
or cut it down
stop dying it
be natural
be crazy
save your time and stop counting calories
stop waiting and live in the moment
just breathe

eat as much as you can but be grateful
however old you are get dressed up
no matter what people think
play music
and always dance
cherish those crazy days
and late nights
smile it will keep people wondering what you’re up to
every breath you take lives forever
a memory behind everyone

do the things that give you a thrill and live your life
don’t be afraid to get you clothes dirty
or to open up your mind
take every word you make and step you take with thanks
and never forget..........

this is the life
even when your dying you’re still never dead so live while your alive
never let anything cut you to deep
and if it does a deep breath can make the wound a little lighter
live laugh love
and never forget

The author's comments:
Sometimes you just need to sit back and watch the world one breath at a time.

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