Envy: Deadliest Of Sins

February 24, 2011
My eyes are open, but the colors banish.
The florescent feelings of hope banish.
I walk these railroad tracks with nothing left.
Nothing in this hellish pit.
I can hear the train in distant's pass.
I can feel the ground rumble under its mass.
But it's far away now, long down the line.
Far away from this damnation of mine.
My head's hung down in this daze I'm in.
But what crime have I committed? What sin have I sinned?
I have not done anything wrong, so now,
why am I feeling such blasphemy now?
This Perfect Envy screams at my heart.
It's lovely and beautiful in it's own heart depart.
I know now what has been done of me.
I know now what is wrong with me.
I covet what I have not.
I had not but love, so love is what I sought.
I wished for the most greatest of wishes,
longed for the longest of kisses.
I waited for my heart to feel much joy,
joy in the form of love from a boy.
But wait not much longer is what I could do.
How could I wait when I didn't know who?
I tried to hold the heavy envy in,
but of course it's one of the seven deadliest sins.
And I have committed the worst of crimes.
I wanted what was never mine.
The greys and blacks of my world fade.
I failed the wretched test of judgement day.
So now, I'm alone as I walk along these rocks.
I've built in my life such terrible blocks.
The miserable emotions linger on in my head.
I've committed Envy, and could not survive the dead.

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