Growing Up

February 15, 2011
By , Cleburne, TX
Getting older is a way of life,
From going to college to getting a wife,
Although these things may all sound great,
There are many things that will happen you may hate.

The stresses life throws at you are great in size,
All the tasks to do and the things to buy,
It’s hard to handle everything in store,
Paying your bills is hard and quite a bore.

The pleasures of a child in your life are great,
But you must change his diaper and not sleep late,
Work all the time to buy everything your family needs,
Will create sweat down your face that come in beads.

With all of these things in store you may want to feel glum,
But growing up is something you can't get away from,
So have fun when it comes and meet a nice wife.
For if you don’t you will forever be miserable in life.

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