Silence before the Storm

February 12, 2011
By , Mumbai, India
Tossing a stone into the tranquil water
It shows no sign of perturb,yet I feel the ripples
lasting for what seems more than longer.

The waters smile gaily at the sky
reflecting every hue of blue to my eye
Everything appears to be cocooned in a deep slumber
the fear in me insinuates that a danger is lurking on the harbor.

An inner voice,reminiscing this silence
warns me that t'was experienced before
and foreseeing what happens from hence
my eyes are certain of witnessing the blue water turn black with turbulence
destroying every life,every soul in its way
frightening the weary boats on the quay.

Having been bitterly hit by this hostile storm on a dark night
my heart swells even more with fright
and asks my mind,in a voice of confounded tenor
Would I fall this time or would I stand to face just another?

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