Hand In Hand

February 12, 2011
You were thrown into the ocean,
A dark and scary place
Waves tossed you around.
You had no control.

For many days and nights
No sense of direction
There was no light to be found.
There was nothing you could do.

You looked for a beacon,
Or a life raft of sorts
But the dark seemed endless.
All alone, nowhere to turn.

How often you gave up hope,
You just wanted to let go.
But out of the blackness,
He pulled you up.

He held you close,
And said “It will be OK”.
I’ll be with you forever,
You are not alone, you are with me.

You tried to understand,
But he seemed so far away.
You wanted to trust him more than ever,
This was something you could do.

Soon a light came,
You were not by yourself.
You walked on to the beach
With your father, hand in hand.

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