The New Years Resolution

February 11, 2011
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At the struck at midnight, the

Ball hit Time Square to start the New Years

"Can you Believe it" he whispered

Directly in her ear

Everyone was celebrating in the streets

For it was New Years Day.

Gregory pulled Penny in

Hugging her body, as he moves

Into her face, something that's been

Jaded for while but not tonight. The first

Kiss of the New Years and their last:

Love was in his eyes, he was hoping for

More years to come.

None would come after that one though

Over time of their two years together

Penny grown bored of their day to day lives.

Questions filled her mind. So this year her

Resolution was going to be to

Start this year off right

Tonight was where the rest of her life begins

Unfortunately without Gregory.

Veering away from his body

Without a sound, she walked away, no longer

xenophobic, she was ready for a new

Year, with new people, new friends

Zero tolerance for her passionless boyfriend who was left behind

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