-Drowning in My Sorrows-

February 11, 2011
By Victoriangirl BRONZE, Sultan, Washington
Victoriangirl BRONZE, Sultan, Washington
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Some days I feel like everyone passes by me,
Without even noticing I’m there
Some days I feel they pass by me,
Not even seeing that I’m here

The loneliness creeps up my throat
Down my arms it flows,
Leaving chills behind
I start to submerge,
Drowning by my own insecurities

Someone, anyone, hear me in my weeps,
Help me out, enlighten me, and wake me from this sleep
I’m drowning, dying, I need comfort and support
I’ve heard to many secrets, seen too many feats
I need the burden taken off; I need to make the leap

No one ever listened, no one ever cared
I might as well have talked to walls,
For the ears lent to me,
Were only waiting till I was through,
Not hearing the need in my voice
They see me drifting in my tales,
They see me coming towards an end,
That’s when the all jump right on in
They never listened, they only talked
They never saw need within me
Now I stand here drowning,
They pass by me without a care
When you can no longer offer an ear, they move on
That’s what they’re doing now

I’m drowning, help
Someone hear me, please
I need you all now more than ever
But there is no one here for my call to be received
They have left me

Then from behind, comes a voice
It falls out of the sky, into my heart
It calls to me, to help me out
It pulls me from the rising waves of doubt
It comforts me, it helps me through
All it took, was someone like you

The author's comments:
Sometime we feel like no one knows we're there... and we all feel this way. soome worse than others.

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