Where is the Love?

February 11, 2011
Where is the love?
Where is the love we need to see,
Why do we discriminate,
Why do we call each other names,
When we know we are all the same.
The blind and the deaf,
The many colors of people,
Bi, straight and gay,
Disabled and misunderstood,
Where is the love?
There should be no difference,
We are all the same,
But we don't see do we?
There is nothing more to say than where is the love,
Why can't we just be at peace,
What's the bigger picture?
Where is the love for the other things?
The things that deserve it,
You, your family, your friends,
Your pets and the things around you,
We don't appreciate the things we love at all,
Where is the love for them once we lost them?
Or when they were here,
Why not now,
Not the present or the future,
But what about now.
Don't you understand,
What we are all trying to say to you,
Who, what, when, why, and where,
Where is the love?

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