Cold War

February 22, 2011
You can speak your lies
but i am never returning
so let them haunt you
as you're running, training, fighting.

as your physically trying to survive
because you will never again
hear my voice comforting

and never can you call me at any hour of the night
just for a simple hello or goodnight

so maybe as your fighting on your self made battlefield alone and afraid
you will remember the times I prayed
for you and me

the periods of time when the skies were darkened
and only lit by a couple of white diamonds
whenn i was alone
waiting to hear your voice
wanting to know we were gonna be alright

and forgive me god
whenn I say
that maybe one day
whenn you're out there

my name will scurry through your membranes

and maybe
that day
you'll understand
how wrong you did me
and how i once felt
whenn i was mentally striving
to keep breathing
and keep my heart beating

so i could live to see the day
i won this cold war of yours.

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