Girl Code Or No Code

February 11, 2011
rule number 1...
never date her ex
but what about love?
no way
what if i ask?
but do you think she'll let you?
why did he have to be so sweet?
cute and funny
so perfect for me
why did this happen?
no, not why, when?
when did this guy come into my life?
when did i start to fall?
what is it about him?
on my checklist he's a 3 out of 10
but that's what i love
that he's nothing i want in a guy
the fact that he's a dork
the fact that he's quiet
and a little immature
the fact that when he's with me i feel so secure
i think maybe i love him
but what about the code
i figure it out somehow
but rite now
no one knows

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