Anywhere But Here

February 11, 2011
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Going out places, relaxing faces as jokes are passed around the room.
She’s caught behind glass as she wishes she could pass into a smiling reality.
Wavering between doing what she pleases and what others tell her
Can’t do her own thing because guilt stings even when it shouldn’t be yours to bare

Instead of out playing your stuck wasting days in a world you wish you could escape.
It’s not that you don’t love them, not that you hate them. You just need some time on your own to live and to grow. But when placed with the weight of the world Anywhere but here is just a fairytale in a children’s book you read when you were young.

Friends are telling you that you should get away from here as your losing your best friend to friends who are available. You witness the remnants of jokes as your stuck with a job. Cancelling plans you wish you could attend because it provoked an argument. Then your memories fade and she goes “who was that face?” Stuck on the sidelines waiting for the chance that it’ll be your turn again.

Snow white ran away, Aurora slept on it, and Cinderella waited for a man.
But none of these are options because you’re much too sensible for that.
So Anywhere but here is still just a fairytale in a story that you fantasize in your head.
Waiting for the day when she can get away and live her life how she has planned.

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