my life

February 11, 2011
By Anonymous

I took my first breath Dec. 29, 1992
My parents split up when I was 3
Went to their drugs and left me
For my grandparents to raise me
I can still remember the day
The world took my grandfather away
It made me feel so sick
I got arrested at 15
Just because we hung out with Jim beam and green
I took my first pill as a sophomore
Ever since they’re hard to ignore
I’ve been in a house that got raided by the police
Breaking windows, smashing doors
Hey you get on the floor
Watching them take family away
Behind police car doors
I learned to ride a dirt bike, still do to this day
I rode in a plane once and never felt higher
I ‘ve met members of my favorite bands
Stage dove, and threw down in mosh pits
I’ve made friends and good memories with them.
I got to watch family members recover from addictions
And restart their lives
But I’ve also seen them give it all up for drugs
I’ve crawled through caves, gone up mountains, and been able to see the world stretch endlessly
I’ll be the first in my family to graduate
Something I never thought I could accomplish
I’m just glad to have made it where I am

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