Are you better than me?

February 11, 2011
By splinteredsunlight GOLD, Williamsburg, Virginia
splinteredsunlight GOLD, Williamsburg, Virginia
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"To live is to suffer; to survive is to find some meaning in that suffering." -Friedrich Nietzsche

Are you better than me?
It’s difficult to say.
You certainly believe yourself to be.
But does a strong belief in something make it an absolute truth?
Have you ever heard of a man called Adolf Hitler?
Are your designer jeans
better than my Goodwill finds?
Yours are more expensive,
mine are more unique.
Is your sports car
better than my skateboard?
Yours is faster,
mine is more exciting.
Are your salon highlights
better than my home-done purple streaks?
Yours are more polished,
mine are more creative.
Are your cookie-cutter, trend-following friends
better than my outspoken, nonconformist friends?
Yours are more submissive,
mine are more interesting.
Are your top 40 hits
better than my unsigned punk albums?
Yours are more easily accessible,
mine have the excitement of a challenging find.
Is your cheerleading
better than my writing?
Yours is a cry for attention,
mine is a form of self-expression.
Are you better than me?
Am I better than you?
Or are we simply two different people
with different interests
and values?
Life is not a contest.
Nobody wins from petty arguments based on
a superiority complex.
And just maybe,
accepting that is the better thing to do.

The author's comments:
I got the idea to write this when I was listening to What's the Difference by Dr. Dre.

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