February 27, 2011
It's Funny how you sit
How you sit & you think
Why me I don't deserve this you should agree
Try to cry ... but were they do that at? How can i say ; no I cant say never felt hurt this way ... this Woe how sad may a human being make you feel, the feeling shock of an eel HENCE my lips stayed sealed! Is there a date expiration I mean expiration date ... end of hurt? The day when a star BURST, the day not tasteful but for the worst! Never stop, even though you may hop from the GRASS to the tree, watch me elevate slowly in front of thee. Will I still be me whom they call Tasha G ... the joyful one? I see life as a Re-Run were NOTHING is new under the sun! The same hits the same hits ... what can I do but too mend a heart that I may lend once more again? Come live in my heart pay rent? Seems to me as Mortgage ; a permanent storage ... can't erase written pen, white out all over it ... and this is whom I call friend!

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