Can't You See?

February 25, 2011
By michelledanker BRONZE, Yale, Iowa
michelledanker BRONZE, Yale, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
The heart has reason for which reason does not understand <3

The pain I’ve been through
You couldn’t begin to comprehend
I’ve felt so much
That I learned to stop feeling
Just so I could begin healing
I thought I moved on
To where pain was nothing more
Than a distant memory
But it’s a never fading memory
That seems to replay
Just to remind me
That I can’t runaway

Can’t you see?
The things I’ve seen
Your mind wouldn’t grasp
It seems I’ve relapsed
I tried the good girl act
But who am I to kid
That’s a trait I’ll always lack
I saw the worst of the worst
Things that, to you, is unimaginable
So I guess I’m cursed
To forever being incapable

Can’t you see?
What I’ve done
There’s no way you’d believe
That I could actually be in my teens
I grew up faster than expected
Never to realize
This would be the life I was elected
I’ve done more and could possibly be forgiven
Just give up and let go
Let me continue to live my life
The way it was meant to be given

Can’t you see?
What I do
Is nothing more
Than my way
Of getting through
The last thing I need
Is your sympathy
Can’t you see?

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