Dream #1

March 1, 2011
By HunterCollins SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
HunterCollins SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Three boys dancing in a mushroom glowing cavern
Hypnotized by the colors that surround them
Hiding from the angry Hippo that laid above
Coming together singing that they are the Walrus
That cheated death and escaped the Hippos jaws
Spinning, Dancing, and Singing
With the bright mushroom illuminated colors
That spun, danced, and sang, with them
They then continued down the cavern
And walked up one, two, three ladders
To see the Grand Clock
With his goofy face and twisted hands
That pointed there way
He pointed everywhere
For the Hippo was nowhere
But he had to be somewhere
The question was where?
Up, down, left, or right
The Grand Clock pointed in all directions
So they decided to go up, up, up some more
They walked up one, two, three ladders
Until they had reached the Penguin Pool
Koo Koo Ka Choo they were back in the Zoo
Where it all began
They swam and played with their feathered friends
Until the sun rose down below the hills
And they had to say good-bye
But they had to pay a toll, a toll to leave
Three strands from their minds taken away
They say farewell to the Penguins
And the journey they had had
For they were safe from the angry Hippo
And peacefully in bed

The author's comments:
I swear to god i wasnt on drugs, this was an actual dream i had.

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