you cant always be right

March 1, 2011
By Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
''be nice to others,everyone is fighting their own battles''
''only people who risk going far,know how far they can go''
''what have you done to make your life better?''

you don’t think the way I do , and neither do I force you to
but if I have a different choice from you then it’s a crime for you
people say you are wise and honest and always right
but I don’t know how you fool this entire world?
Is it just me or is the whole world wrong just like you?
Why do you always want things to be your way?
Try looking at things through someone else’s view
And you will see how different the world is
You will see how wrong you were and how right I was
Instead of looking at a bush of green, try looking at the green nature
You will see how calm you can feel just by looking at a tree
You will see a new life in the ocean instead of just a big cold sea
There are many different people in this world
And I don’t want you to think like every one of them
But if you want to be one of them then sometimes you have to let go
And try to put yourself in their shoes
That’s how you will get to like the world and the world would like you
Don’t be afraid of trying, doing new things
Its all nothing but a start to a new experience and wonderful life
Try thinking over my advice tonight
And you will see that you were wrong and I was right

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