March 1, 2011
Memories can die so fast.You can have them and they can be the greatest memories you've ever had in your lifetime.

BUT..they can fall to pieces before you know it! We tend not to see when they start to drift away, because we are too lost in the moment!!

We are too lost in all the good memories that we had at one point..that when things start to drift apart we don't understand how or why it's happening.

Memories will always be here..good or bad.. but, it's never enough to keep love going...

Memories, memories good or bad..they come and have to choose what's worth it and what's not.. <3 memories<3

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EmoAngel18 said...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 4:05 pm
i love this poem, as i was reading it it made me think of all the memories tht at one point in my life seemed perfect but are now just nothing to me anymore.
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