Thank You Broken Love

March 1, 2011
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Mamma always told me to change the way you look at things and the things you look at change,
I gave you my heart for yours it was a simple enough exchange.
You are a meaningless, deadly, hypnotic, attraction,
Your broken promises and lies can’t feed my satisfaction.
You took anything and everything I had just to say you have won?
You’re a cannibal, my hurt and pain is what you fed on.
Well too bad for you this is my life, my race,
Either sit back down or pick up the pace.
I should have realize you can’t be around fire too long or you will get burned,
You’re missing me? You want me back? Too late you lost your chance, I’m unconcerned.
Without you I need some good ol’ soul searching, there’s a flow of determination,
Without you I found so much inspiration and creation.
Thanks for the broken love it’s done me some good, now I can go off and be me,
Want my heart back? Good luck trying to find the key.
I changed the way I looked at things,
I’ll take a running start and spread my wings.

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