The Phoenix in Me: second edition

March 1, 2011
Long will I wait for my only love to return to cast out a lone tear of sorrow, thus bringing me back to life. Oh yes, my only love, she holds me as a sword and my heart as a shield. I am the Phoenix; she is Mother Nature. A thousand year waltz shall we dance in my return.
As we rejoice, behold demons arise to snare our peace; ending our thousand year waltz separating me and my love, the sky grows dark without a glimmer of light the ground began to shake to and fro and began to turn bright red as a dying star the trees caught fire hounds of death are running towards me hungry for blood it is as if the underworld itself was taking over. The demons keeper himself arises to take my love captive in his land of the dead.

I am now fighting a never ending battle for our peace and harmony, just to feel her gentle heart beating against my chest; just to have her in my arms again. As I turn to strike the final blow, killing the last of those hideous creatures, as I drew my sword, the Demon’s Keeper readies his bow of sin and arrow of death. She takes a fatal blow it is as if I can feel her life leaving her heavenly body and slowly turning cold as to stone. I pause in despair of the unfortunate ordeal. The malicious demon and seizes the moment. Striking me with his rigid blade, I fall to my knees thus beginning my transformation into my former state. My love stands frozen in a stone prison held captive between the living and the dead. The demon’s keeper is returning to the shadows of the underworld with a soul wrenching laughter showing no trace of remorse. I scream out with the last ounce of strength that I had left……. “I vow upon my return I will have my revenge.” He turns and says pridefully in response to my feeble voice weakened by the dagger lodged firmly in the center of my chest, “You shall have your day!” Dissipating into the darkness before I can utter another word, a tear glides down the curves of my burning face sizzling into vapor before reaching my chin the very blood pumping through my veins begins to boil my skin spontaneously bursts into flames and my body is dwindles becoming no more no less than a simple pile of smoldering ashes.

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