Obviously Oblivious

March 1, 2011
I just don’t understand
How you can’t see it,
Aren’t I being so blatantly obvious,
That a child could tell
How I feel about you?
Don’t you see,
It’s not about homework,
Or that song you told me about today,
I just want to talk to you,
And those are my excuses?
Can’t you hear it in my voice,
Every time we speak?
Or see it in my face,
When I look at you?
Didn’t you notice how it made my day,
When you told me I looked pretty,
That day I dressed up especially for you?
Don’t you notice how I come alive,
With every conversation?
Don’t you see how I stick up for you,
Even when they’re just kidding around?
Haven’t you noticed that I remember
Everything you have ever told me about yourself?
Don’t you know that I am always eager
To learn more?
Can’t you see how I relish
Every sentence that comes from your lips?
Don’t you realize
How much I care?
I thought I was being so obvious,
But I guess not
Or maybe you are just

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