When Two Worlds Collide

February 22, 2011
By Schoolrulesonoccations GOLD, Port Orchard, Washington
Schoolrulesonoccations GOLD, Port Orchard, Washington
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In a time of great need there are those who fight for whats right and those who fight against the right. But in our world its a choice, no your choice. Fighting is harmful, sad, and overwhelming to most and yet to some that is their god given talent. They fight for life, for limb, and for glory. But even they have a story, being good or bad but either way its still their story. Coming from a world of caios they rome the streets and allyes for fights or having nothing to do but fight. To me, no to all of us, watching it happen know that somewhere inside there was once a kid that had nothing but now has something that they never really wanted. What if for one day no one faught but sat still and watched the world go by? Would things be better or worse? Those are questions that will never be answered, for they are only the beginning while most think of the end. But remember think of the end and you will neverstart a new beginning.

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