Letting Go

February 22, 2011
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I was holding on to the sweetest emotions
I was holding on to the most wonderful experiences
I was holding on to the roller coaster of my life, giving me thrills and excitement
Everything seemed so happy, so gay
Everything seemed so perfect and unblemished
I thought of nothing but those times I was with him
I spoke of nothing but those about him
It was as though my life revolved around him
It was as though my time ran around him
It was as though I existed only for him
But gone were those days
Gone were the days that I thought the stormy days with him
Were beautiful summer days
Gone were the days when I dreamt of him
The thrills that tingled my nerves have perished
The excitement when I see him has diminished
The vehement rush of my blood when I gaze into his eyes fluctuated
The fast beating of my heart when I spoke with him stopped
My little infatuation
My nonsensical obsession, if you call it one
My idiotic admiration
Has finally ended
Speaking no words I've said goodbye
I have let go of my feelings
He is but a part of my memory
Those feelings,
I've buried deep them deep within
I've finally gave my adieu

To this person, Sayonara

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