February 20, 2011
By BlackCanvas BRONZE, Rosedale, Indiana
BlackCanvas BRONZE, Rosedale, Indiana
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Beginning of February, snow lays loose on the ground.
Ice covered roads ahead, making my travels hard
Looking out the car window, seeing the snow covered houses
Ice covered trees sparkling in the clouded sun
Music rings in my ears, giving me hope that I could find it
Inspiration taunting me, nipping at the edge of my mind
Giving me ideas to quickly throw away, giving me pieces and parts that won’t fit
The beautiful scenery but nothing that works, nothing comes together
Inspiration that could come in minutes or years
Desperate to find something, stress enters my body
Clouding my mind, killing my thoughts
Feeling my pulse beat through my skull, pounding against it
Threatening to burst, making me delusional
On the bridge of insanity, my thoughts are pulled into perspective
Finding the greatest ideas, ones that I didn’t know I could possess
Keeping most of my sanity, taking the ideas to paper
Feeling the thrill of filling it
Know that I am as good as I ever wanted to be
Filling my dreams with hope and inspiration

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