better off

February 20, 2011
By Anonymous

you and I
were once friends
we told each other
we hung out
every day.
but you had
many issues of your own
you believed
you were ugly and fat.
you thought
you needed a guy to make you happy.
I thought
I could cure you.
I told you
you were pretty
i said
you don't need him.
you lost fifteen pounds
and spent all of your time
with the wrong guys
was I supposed to do?
you wouldn't leave the house
without makeup on
but you never stopped complaining
about the image in the mirror.
you started
to bring me down as well.
i watched
how much i ate
i made sure
to exercise each day.
i stuck
my finger down my throat
then i thought
about what i had just done.
I realized
it wasn't worth it.
but by then
you were in too deep.
I recommended professional help
but you didn't want it.
so I stopped talking to you
I didn't need you in my life.
I could not afford to be brought down with you.
quite honestly-
I am better off without you

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