Paper Plane

February 20, 2011
By vav95 BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
vav95 BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
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It's just a fictional paper plane flying through my mind, 
Put your heart out and grab it, if you can bare to look inside.
It tells the many stories of my life.
If you can read it's text, your only half way inside.
For the text is only written through my eyes.
If you can't read it, I recommend you get out now,
For reading it isn't understanding yet.
That's a whole new level, 
You'll have to climb into my past,
And jump across the stars until you reach the moon.
Through it's craters, you can see each movie of my memories.
They're all   crystal clear TVs. 
But make sure your have pins,
Pins to keep open your eyes, 
For these fairy-tales turn into horrors,
Maybe the worst of my time.
If you close your eyes, your all ready out,
You'd have gone back into your mind,
And what's my life to you, 
If your going to look at it through your eyes. 
Lets skip to the hardest part, the one that even shines in the dark.
It's what I do everyday, and it's something I can't get away from. 
Lets see you jump off that moon, 
Free fall through the sky,
Trust me, you'll land in my skin
And it's harder to learn how to walk,
Than to sit and watch someone's life. 

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