Depth Of A Dream

February 20, 2011
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  Living deep in the depths of dreams, 
  Reality became nothing but a shadow,
  Just partially obstructing the scene. 
  I tried to wake up, 
  But it wasn't as easy as it may seem. 
  I ended up on this crazy beach, 
  Where I became stuck.
   The ocean was reality, 
  Constantly brushing against me
  But my dreams were the sand,
  They were persistant to pulling me in deep. 
 If I would have been able to swim further out,
Way into sea, 
The waves wouldn't have crashed, 
Right on top of me. 
They took away a piece of me each time, 
My life was made of trees, 
Each still growing, 
But each wave was fire, 
Slowly burning everything. 
Whenever I'd try to get help, 
The line would become blurred, 
I'd think I was in a nightmare, 
The ones where you open your mouth,
But you can never scream.
So as I put this note in a bottle,
I'll drop it into the sea,
If you find it,
It wont do any good. 
Unless you can find me.

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