Blades Of Illusion

February 19, 2011
By , Roslyn, NY
As the silence hits the floor it shatters into the pieces that make up my life.

I just watch it fall, what’s the point of cutting my hand on the blades of illusion.

Maybe I could have prevented this or maybe it’s something I have to embrace.

I just want the pieces to be put back together, not one piece left alone.

For silence is deadly because its contaminated with your own thoughts.

And loneliness usually involves very few words.

I can paint this picture black and white,

But no one can ever convince me that I can’t dream of it in color.

My mind’s fence is pretty beaten up.

I couldn’t help myself but to hop over and go to places I’ve never gone before.

And once it was built higher, I just cut a hole through the center and made my escape.

It’s so hard not to just fall off of the edge.

But why is it I always find myself landing in places I’ve visited so many times before.

Maybe control isn’t what I need, and what I need is…. Untouchable.

So as I now open my eyes, silence shatters itself away,

Making this moment just another day.

But I know it’ll come back.

For best friends rarely-stray.

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