You Found Me

February 19, 2011
There's a breeze of subtle inspiration
Drifting on the edge of the surface
I don't know how I'm going to work this out
But the outcome is there somewhere, within my reach
With a breach in my secure fortress
No one trespassing, only a humble passersby
Whom I hope will stay to become a faithful friend...
Can we write this make believe without an end?
We could close off the portal to reality
And sign every promise with a new refreshing dream
With you so close next to me, protection's not something I care about
Handing you each one of my secrets and finally, the key
I can't help but faint when you stare
Don't you feel the electricity vibrating through the air?
You read, but between the lines, it's simply all for you
Who knew? A heart could be taken captive and prisoner
In a single instant of its palpitation
I'm left breathless with no explanation
"Feeling" doesn't cover what's happening today
In this current situation
Amid contemplation, I can't come up with a reason
To accept the odds and admit that it wouldn't work
Embrace the fleeting nothingness, or let it bleed
Until it no longer hurts
Where does it evaporate to when we finally decide to let go?
Pull the curtains back, move forward through the show
When we take that final bow, I see myself reflected in your eyes
And now, it comes as no surprise
That I find myself falling through the last few hours
When I could share this stage with you
Lost in the lights, the costumes that give us somebody else to be
Still you find, beneath the make-up, the allusions
The characters that blur the lines, cause confusion
Still you

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