Picture Perfect

February 19, 2011
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Your mind is a blank
Coloring book,
And people are
The crayons:

Some crayons are sharp;
Thick outlines of purple,
Definition and precision,
Emphasizing every shape;

Some crayons are dull;
Crooked swirls and
Messy blotches of beige -
Wax smeared like finger paint;

Some crayons are broken,
Rubbing, blending,
Blue and gray,
Outside the lines;

Some crayons are melted,
Distorted and ugly;
Bright red consuming
The whole page like fire;

Some crayons are chipped,
Slashing each page
With jagged black lines,
Destroying the picture;

Choose crayons wisely to fill
Every page of your mind...
Favorite colors make your
Picture perfect.

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