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Sun Afraid of Night

February 19, 2011
By septemberstarz BRONZE, Austin, Texas
septemberstarz BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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The sun shrinks from nighttime
Afraid of its dangerous beauty
He fears her dark charms
And haunting twinkling stars.

Her understands not her cold winds
As all he's ever known are the warm breezes
The torrent of inky black scares him,
Because it is mysterious.

He finds no comfort in a world without light
He doesn't see that there is light all around.
Starlight, moonlight, candlelight...
Where lovers meet by calm waters.

I know better than the sun does.
I do not fear the unknown; unseen
I welcome it with wide arms...
The best of our world is unknown.

The author's comments:
People fear the unknown, like the sun fears the darkness. Why? People associate night and darkness as being something evil, but it's just part of balance. There can't be light without dark, and there can't be day without night.

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