The Tower

February 19, 2011
The impossible task
Of seeing God
In all his glory
In all of that glitzy
glittery glamour...
It cannot be done.
Yet, back in the dawn
Of human spirit,
We came close.
"We want to see God!"
They cried out in unison
"We want to be sure
He is real and true!
So we'll build a tower
Up to Heaven's light!"
They enthusiastically began
working together
To meet a mutual goal.
"They'll never reach me."
God thought as he slept
for he knew humans knew little
Compared to his vast knowledge.
Yet he underestimated
The human spirit.
When all of mankind
Is united together,
The impossible may happen.
God awoke
To the cries of his angels-
"They're nearly here!
O Father, Master, Creator,
You underestimated your own creations!
They are more powerful than you know!"
God knew He could only stop them
By breaking them apart.
By destroying their unity...
And so he created languages...
No one understood.
The man who spoke Spanish
Wanted a brick,
So the Chinese woman
Handed him a pail of water.
God succeeded in breaking us apart.
The tower of Babel,
As it came to be known
Vanished in the brokeness
Of a human dream.
God broke us apart.
He never put us back together
Because he is afraid of our power.
The power of the human heart.

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