February 19, 2011
By Anonymous

The only thing keeping me alive

while dealing with this abuse is you.

When he lashes out at me,

I think of you and your crooked smile

It always made me giggle.

When his hand starts to rise,

I think of you and your shiny blue eyes

They always seemed to sparkle.

When his hand whips my face,

I think of you and the warmth of your hug

It provided me a safe haven full of protection.

When the words spew out of his mouth,

I think of you and your joyous and bubbly laugh.

You were always laughing and joking around.

When he pushes and shoves,

I think of you and the way you made me feel.

When he raises his gun,

I think of you and your face.

Oh, the beauty it held.

When he finally pulls the trigger,

I think of you.

You will never know how I truly felt.

The author's comments:
This just came to me one day in my mind. It's like I was living as the girl.

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