Surviving Breakfast

February 16, 2011
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As I sat down at the table, turning on the television,
I wondered to myself,
“I wonder what someone stranded on an island eats for breakfast?”
Do they tap into their survival instincts to get the food?
Do they make an attempt for the catch of the day?
Maybe they make a makeshift spear from a stick and a sharp rock,
And go hunting for some small wildlife?
Maybe they try climbing a tree,
To collect bananas or coconuts?
Maybe, if they are desperate or crazy enough,
They eat their own foot?
Not raw of course, they’d probably bake it on a fire,
But I couldn’t imagine the person surviving for long,
You can’t go many places without a foot,
It might get infected, and why am I still on this topic?
Here at home, I don’t have to worry about eating my own foot,
I got plenty of food in the pantry.
But someone stranded probably worries about a lot of things,
So I doubt breakfast,
Is their main concern.

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