God is an Artist

February 17, 2011
My God is an artist,
As all may well see.
His art lies in you,
And His art lies in me.
When The Earth was without form and void,
He created light, oceans, girls, and boys.
With the paintbrush that is called His hand,
He blued the seas and greened the land.
He sculpted other planets in a similar way.
Each was unique, some were red and some grey.
His art fascinates me to say the least.
I look upon His masterpieces, the man and the beast.
Raphael, Donatello, Da Vinci, Picasso.
They were made in His image, for art,
As you well know.
God’s no ordinary artist.
Oh, what He would give!
Oh, how His Son would die
So His products could live!

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