February 17, 2011
Rain, rain, go away,
Because of you, the pain will stay.
Slit my throat, cut out my heart,
Leave me here, tear it apart.

Poison tears stream down my face,
My heart beats at a steady pace
As I try to stand again;
Alone and standing in the rain.

I don’t need you anymore…
Is what I think while tears pour?
I hate you like I hate my life;
but love is what cuts like a knife.

Love is death and death is you;
Its pain stains like a black tattoo.
Those memories come back again
and bind me in the ropes of pain.

Crimson blood streams down my head,
like a long, silk ribbon, tied by a thread,
to a platinum bullet, a hole in my skull…

...Now just a memory that’s faded and dull.
From start to finish I wonder why,
The cuts look good in this messed up lie,
The blood that trickles down my arm,
People all stare at the girl who self-harms.

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LilKitten said...
today at 3:23 pm
did you take this from someone on family friend poems or did they
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