Have You Ever!!

February 17, 2011
By amanda johns BRONZE, Waverly,NE, Nebraska
amanda johns BRONZE, Waverly,NE, Nebraska
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Have you ever loved someone and
scared to lose them because your'e
afraid to get hurt?

Have you ever wanted to cry because
of the past because you can't stand
what has happened to you?

Have you ever been scared that it
would happen again and can't sleep
because of all the dreams.

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep
because you want the dreams to stop?

Have you ever wanted to just run away
because you think it's the only way out?

Have you ever been asked if your ok, but
told them that everything is fine, even
though its really not?

Have you ever told yourself that it would be
ok and then something bad happens?

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the
night scared out of your mind to see what
happens next?

Have you ever lost your best friend that
helped you through everything and just
wanted to give up?

Have you ever felt alone because your family
doesn't understand anything that you have gone through?

Have you ever wondered if your family and friends even cared anymore?

Have you ever just wanted all the bad things to go away forever?

Have you ever just said you would over come all the fears and try to put the past away for good and then you get the worse of all dreams just make it worse to foget about it?

Have you ever thought you deserved everything that happened to you and got told that it wasn't your fault and it was the others?

Have you ever realized that maybe you shouldn't have trusted the people that had hurt you and should have listened to your friend but you were scared that they were right?

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