The Pain That Love Brings

February 17, 2011
By THE.REBEL.REBORN PLATINUM, Prentiss, Mississippi
THE.REBEL.REBORN PLATINUM, Prentiss, Mississippi
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She shows affection beyond my Comprehension but still hiding Behind the shroud that she so Cleverly displays are lies,lies That I could never know the Complexity of.
For my eyes take part in this Mischievous miraje that her beauty Emits,
She stands before me wearing a Mask that shows only false Innocents that deceives only my Mind yet not my heart; still her Divine powers of seduction over comes the strong course warning that my heart bears for i am enslaved by her irresistible charm,
"No man should have do endure this torturous deed, though i am not just any man i am a man of all men I am a god shes a goddess." yet still i am bound by destiny to love her with a broken heart for her love harbinges pain and despair,some who are not worthy to uphold the burden that my must suffer ask why.
Nevertheless i hang my head in the locks of my sholders and sigh saying...."no matter how strong the thunder of your heart may be It could never ward off the immortal enchantment of this beautiful goddess who has stolen my heart against my own will

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