When her dad comes home

February 17, 2011
By TasteDaSkittles BRONZE, Bayfield, Colorado
TasteDaSkittles BRONZE, Bayfield, Colorado
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The light of her birth shines bright
brighter than anything he has ever seen
He plays with her fingers
She looks at him and smiles
Angel is her nickname from then on

He goes away for many years
She asks where is her dad
No one answers truthfully,the only answer is he will be back
Her mom cries for so many years

The visits mean nothing to her because he never comes home
He sits there in his cell thinking
That's the day he makes up his mind
To stay with his family forever
never be separated again

Home at last
moments of silence hit the room
she doesn't understand
tears go rolling down his cheeks like never ending rain drops
Never letting go to his angel

People ask about the years he was gone
He answers in truth
The thought of it makes her crumble inside

she holds it together no longer
Running away he visualizes
The story ends and returns later in life
he tells the story for learning
to learn not to do what he did

When it ends they will remember
When it ends they will lie
When it ends they know

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