Prince Charming

February 17, 2011
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School starts back up, a new year begins.
A girl in a school, hoping to make friends.
Walking in the halls, new faces she sees.
Wondering if she will make friends, please god oh please.
Sitting in a seat, looking from side to side.
When teachers say her name, she does everything to hide.
She gets friends quickly, having fun at last.
She soon learns his name, feelings came on to fast.
Soon she was trippin', learning how to crush.
But, the year had to end, she thought it was a rush.
He was her prince, her fairytale ending.
Her being without him, her heart was really spending.
Summer, she found love, but he had no compare.
She knew she couldn't really love him, she knew she shouldn't share.
She gave him everything she had, but he still wanted more.
In her heart, she had other feelings, so her heart became tore.
She went to the fair, hoping to hangout.
But when she saw her prince, her love for her boyfriend became in doubt.
His blonde hair got brighter, and blue eyes grew more amazing.
Her heart swelled up, her voice, she was raising.
But she went on her way, she had to look away.
Everywhere she went that night, her mind just couldnt stray.
School finally came, and she couldnt wait til eight.
He walked in her class, as if it was fate.
He has no clue, yet he is super smart.
She loved the way he laughed, right from the start..
But he is to good, better than the rest.
If he was the prize, shed study for that test.
He is her prince charming, more amazing than a fairytale.
If only life could be like this, not end in a black vail.

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