Adrenaline, Love, and State Championships

February 17, 2011
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This is the biggest game of our lives,
This is the state championship.
We’ve worked so hard to get to this point,
We can’t afford to slack off now.

As the first serve takes its toll,
Our nerves get the best of us,
One point after another is going to the other team.
Our adrenaline is pumping so fast,
If we were on a road right now,
We would get pulled over for speeding.

We’re forgetting our jobs,
We’re being individuals.
This is not good,
We can’t afford to lose.
I need to call a timeout.

The referee signals that I have the floor.
I look to my team captain to take control.

“C’mon ladies! This is the time,
The time we need to come together,
We need to function as one; we can’t be individuals here,
We have to be one unit, all doing our jobs we were assigned.
Forget about the cameras, the people, and the faces on the other side of the court.
They don’t matter; all that matters is our side.
It’s the only thing we can control.”

Absolutely perfect.

State Champions, it’s an amazing feeling.
That speech, it must’ve done something to my team,
It made them believe that dreams are possible.
Anything can be accomplished when you believe and come together as one.

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