Not another cliche

February 17, 2011
By Anonymous

You're my umbrella in a rainstorm,
I’m your blanket when the heat isn’t working

We keep each other sane, crazy and true to who we are.

You see right through all that makeup.
I know those secrets so deep and dark, you’re afraid to tell yourself.

Your my tissue when I cry.
I’m the backup when you can’t handle life by yourself.

You know all the right things to say and the forbidden words that never leave your lips.
I’m the only one who will tell you when everyone pretends to not to notice that you have food in your braces.

You’ve known me too long to count.
Sometimes I call your mom, mom instead of Katie.

You don’t need to knock to come in, and you wouldn’t anyways.
I have a corner of my things in your room that never leave.

I you’re not my friend, you’re my family.
You don’t want me, you need me.

The only thing that could make this more perfect,
is if there wasn’t 872 miles between us.

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