day one.

February 19, 2011
By missliss SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
missliss SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
sometimes strength is not measured by holding on to something, but by letting go.

i woke up this morning and i went to class.
some days i feel calculus is kicking my a**.
what gets me through the day is not counting down the minutes,
but imagining how practice is going to push me to my limits.

today is the day, first practice of the year.
i can only dream of the day when the ground is clear.
the snow on the field is cramping our style,
but good thing softball players are versatile.

we'll walk in that gym, we'll own that cage.
by hitting the balls we'll take out our rage.
all this pent-up energy from the long winter days
will soon be released in many different ways.

we'll catch, we'll throw, we'll hit, we'll dive.
after being out of season so long, we'll feel alive.
this is the game we play and the game we love.
how good it is going to feel to put on that glove.

tennis shoes in the gym can't compare to cleats on the grass
so hopefully soon this snow will pass.
florida will be here soon enough,
but until then we'll be working to get buff.

nervous jitters may form inside
so may confidence help us gain some pride.
may fear of failure not hold us back,
but may hard work and talent prepare us to attack.

lets have a good year, lets make it the best yet.
in the midwest conference we'll be a threat.
its only the beginning, so we gotta start off right.
we gotta give everything we have with all our might.

we have to hold ourselves accountable, keep us in check,
build a teammate up if they're feeling like a wreck.
alone we are nothing, but together we are strong.
as long as we all have our backs, nothing can go wrong.

The author's comments:
the excitement of the spring season and the softball season is a great feeling to behold. the energy radiating from the players and the coaches form a cohesive unit called a team.

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