February 19, 2011

You pace the halls from which we fled.
Concealed inside,
your monster growls,
prays upon your mind,
and devours.

The Fear which binds you
conquers all,
twists your truth
and pins you against
the rigid wall.

Try to defy
the god,
the animal,
the untamed
the world loves to embrace.

Try to defy
who transforms
your mind from placid lake to roaring sea,
our faces filled with the Fear
see you lapse from our view
into the house of madness;
you think you hold the key.

At death's door you knock,
and Fear does not fail you now.
He grasps,
He seizes,
His fists grab and they get.

Put your feet forth
at heaven's staircase.
Or tumble down
into hell's abyss.

Nothing matters during the battle in a way,
for still the same
the outcome will stay.

by and by
a child's prayers
on a summer Sunday
decay to rotting flesh
colored somber shades
of green and gray.

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