February 19, 2011
By , Maloney Gardens, Trinidad and Tobago
I feel like he’s haunting me.

He keeps bringing up this past;

This past of mine’

That i can’t remember.

It makes me sound so awful;

It makes me out to be a total b****.

It has me crying;

Crying my eyes out.

My heart is hurting;

He’s bringing back all the pain,

All the pain i hid;

The pain i’ve been running from;

From the past i made myself forget.

It makes me hate being me.

It makes me feel unloved;




Like a f***ing menace to society.

So many emails.

No replies.

I read them. I felt every emotion through every word.

It’s not that i don’t care. Thats not why i didn’t reply.

I don’t want to face it. Those feelings.

They can just stay with the memories.


I don’t need them.

Leave me alone.

Don’t email me. You want me in your life?


Don’t email me. Don’t make me feel guilty.

You love? Of course i don’t believe it.

Call me once maybe. Take an interest.

Don’t be a coward. Forget about my grandmother, talk to me.

...you don’t know how much im hurting.

You don’t have a clue.

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